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Monday, January 14, 2013

Historical vs Progress

      Every day it seems I am seeing articles about saving locations versus development! In the USA it is very much in the news as we celebrate the 150th year since the Civil War. In Britain too (see below)  the question as to what do we preserve and what we do not!
Wind farm to be built at site of decisive Civil War battle - Telegraph A wind farm is to be built at the site of one of the most important battles ever fought on English soil, despite officials admitting that the scheme will “harm the setting” of the historic location.
       For me the student of history this is a precious question that involves many smaller questions. What is the standard for saving things for future generations. Is it a political question such as not
to  save something that was once important but is not today to those that judge. In the USA do we preserve a slave quarters when preserving the plantation. There is the question of money who
will pay for restoration, upkeep, such things as signs people to work at sites. Will the money if
available be better used in another location. Education is also a serious and difficult
question. If we preserve a location will it be of educational value, will it be offensive to some
or will it hurt the ecosystem in the area. Does it matter like Abe Lincoln once said we should be
dedicated to the great task remaining before us as those who had died at Gettysburg have
consecrated it in death far better than we could ever do!    

      For me locations in history are important because they paint the real picture of the words you read about.  I am drawn to the recent  story of Richard King of England where they found his remains under a modern parking lot. Are we making mistakes or are we taking care?

      So I have brought this up as a question for our future looking back at our varied past. One
 can say we have lost so much already we must do something, but who must do something. At
 present in Sandy Hook Ct. the question  goes to the school (1956)  that has gone down
 in history now.  Gone down in history as  the site of one of the most horrific shootings in 
 American History. Do you preserve it as that site or for people that feel that was my school or
 do you tear it down as it holds so much hurt for those that lost loved ones?

       I am simply here presenting many of the questions for preservation or not. There are many
 others most likely and questions for the individual case. Please comment here as to what you 
 think on this subject!

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