"Cenedl heb iaith, cenedl heb galon"-"A nation without a language is a nation without a heart" Welsh Proverb

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Sunday, December 25, 2011

Nadolig Llawen-Coming soon: Religion and other things that effect the 2012 Election of a president!

Friday, October 7, 2011

Sorry I have not been on here much, but I will get back to posts soon!

Monday, June 27, 2011

BBC News - Archdruid's 2012 Olympic Welsh flag demand

Y Ddraig Goch!

Y Ddraig Goch!
Flag of Cymru/Wales- faces left away from England
The Archdruid of Wales wants the Welsh flag to be raised for Welsh medal winners at the 2012 London Olympics.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

One Hundred Fifty years since the start of the Civil War in the USA and still the feelings are there.....

    As a history student with interest in the Civil War era this is a topic I know well. While being with my dad at a stamp show years ago someone was selling envelopes from the era. I fingered through them and stopped at a letter addressed to the Commanding General o the Army of the Potomac, Washington,D.C. I looked with amazement as it was sent April 9th 1861 a few days before the Civil War started in South Carolina at Fort Sumter. File:Sumter.jpg
(Currier and Ives)
I bought the envelop with glee as I had discovered something the seller had overlooked. If this was in fact from Fort Sumter it could have been one of the last letters of information from Major Robert Anderson. When I got home I looked closer at the Envelope and on the back was a wax seal with  a clear "R.A" I researched the envelope and discovered that  the letter from the envelope was in the Library of congress and that in fact this envelope contained the last letter from Robert Anderson and it was also captured by the Confederate Army Under General Beauregard. A prize possession that just turned 150 year in my hands. As a teacher of history I used to tell my students that it was not all that long ago!
     Well living in Durham N.C. out of my element as I am from Connecticut the papers today said he feeling though weathered is still there. A Sen. of the state was trying to get a Governor that served after the Civil War cleared of charges and ouster for a relation of a friend! This man had been a Democrat turned Republican and had gone after the KKK!!! A deal that caused a great deal of conflict and in some way ended in helping the KKK. The State Sen. thought that this was going to be an easy task with a newly elected Republican Senate in N.C. the first since 1880's! Well no! Papers appeared to the Senators outlining what was wrong with this attempt to clear a man more than 100 years later...and  so the war might be over but the feelings are still there

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Plaid Cymru: Four election pledges for 'better Wales'

BBC News - Plaid Cymru: Four election pledges for 'better Wales'
Plaid Cymru publishes four key pledges at the launch of its assembly election campaign.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Plaid News
THE next big battle facing Wales is to secure “financial justice”, former Plaid Cymru leader Lord Wigley told his party’s pre-election conference yesterday.

Sunday, March 6, 2011

It is time for the Wales Office to be wound up!!! Seperatist talk Following yes vote and pending May elections?

                                     Call to 'wind up' Wales Office
The Welsh Assembly's presiding officer says he believes it is time for the Wales Office to be wound up, after the Yes vote on direct law-making powers.

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Alicia Keys - North Wales (High Contrast Remix)

We will wait and see!............................The day after the VOTE!

Nick Clegg raises the possibility the Welsh Assembly may get tax-raising powers, following a referendum backing direct law-making.
"We don't just want the theory of law making authority in Wales, we want real power devolved to Wales. We'll be setting that up and that in turn will set another turn of the wheel as devolution deepens."
Up to 5,000 people turn out for march against public spending cuts that coincides with Liberal Democrat and Conservative party conferences in Cardiff city centre.

Friday, March 4, 2011


CYMRU/WALES vote YES two to one! Need I say more?-yes will come later!
-Carwyn Jones said "Today, an old nation came of age".

Ieuan Wyn Jones said "The heart of this nation still beats strong".

Nick Bourne said "On this spring day, Wales takes a new step".

Kirsty Williams said "A new era of devolution must now begin".

Wales will get the power to pass its own laws, putting it on a par with Scotland and Northern Ireland, following strong backing for the proposal in a referendum.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

" Lafayette We are here, "

     That was the cry of many American forces as they arrived in France for WWI. The paper here in the USA are marked today with the death at 110 of the last known American soldier from the "War to end All Wars." He passed into death remembering at 16 he lied about his age and asked to be sent to the front. I remember  growing up knowing that both my Grandfathers (Taids) served in WWI. I remember hearing about and seeing some of the men that fought in the Civil War, The Indian Wars (last one in Nineteen twenty One)) and the Spanish American War. But the men of WWI were many and now gone. Soon we will be saying the same for WWII vets. One Taid fought with the Rainbow Division of New York  and one with what was called the Army Air Corps at that time ...later the U.S. Air Force!
      The article in the local rag here reminds us of the trench warfare  and sacrifice of these soldiers  many of who were  forever young as they went to their grave for their country. In one case it mentions  twenty one  thousand British killed in one day! We should remember and honor our Vets who served that we might be free, but as we mark these passing events one wonders why we can not come to a day when the last of Wars dies and we can live in the hope of Peace that passes human understanding. A day when man can take his brothers hand in his! 

Monday, February 28, 2011

USA Government Shut Down?

 Rasmussen Poll: Majority of Americans FAVOR a government shutdown until spending cuts are agreed upon.    

Cyfarchion ar gyfer Dydd Gŵyl Dewi -March 1st!

Cyfarchion ar gyfer Dydd Gŵyl Dewi -Greetings on St. David's Day March 1st!

Friday, February 25, 2011

11,500-Year-Old Remains of a Three Year Old found in Alaska

      Well if you believe in the legend of Madoc coming to  America in 1170 he must have met humans that were here first.
       Some 11,500 years ago early Americans buried a three year old child and it is giving scientist view of early settlers that came from Asia. These bones as you now may suspect are the earliest remains found in the Arctic of North America in what is called the forest of the Tanana lowlands.
        The remains were found in what appeared a seasonal house structure where before this they had only found hunting camps and temporary structures. Besides seeing that this was a different living situation it also shows early evidence of what was done with the dead as this was a cremation. They named this child in local Indian language: "Xaasaa Cheege Ts'enlin" (Upward Sun River Mouth Child) (Just an editors note here even harder to say than some Welsh names!) (Info from an article by Randolph E. Schmid: Associated Press)

Just a few thoughts his morning folks!

        Not to much news that interests me in the last few days. I do want to express my thoughts for those in the earthquake area of Christchurch N.Z. We are all worldwide thinking of you!
        When you live in a small town they call a city (Durham, N.C. USA) the paper is so small there is not much to say! Monday is the worst and ours blew down the driveway and into the drain ditch! I did have to laugh at one editorial the other day though about someone complaining about how a southern Officer from the Civil War was pictured in the paper. Strange as he was pointing out how cruel the man was. Dangerous words as these people are still fighting the war or think the south won!
          Well in the Welsh news for today Wales to play Italy in Rugby-Six Nation on Sat. Hope that Wales can get as much interest in the March third vote on more powers for the Assembly! It was well put by:
Carwyn Jones tells press conference 'There is no status quo after Thursday. Either we take a step backwards or we go forwards' In my poll that few of my Welsh friends have bothered to take the YES vote is 80% and I hope that this will be the vote soon for Wales. I hope not as violent as the clashes in the middle east, but I would like to see Cymru/Wales stand up on it own two feet and speak as one clear voice for independence. That is the theme of this blog and the dream of Owain Glyndwr that still lives in the heart of Welshmen and women today! See good thought on the vote here -
Women from across Wales yesterday took part in an event designed to encourage female voters to back Yes in next week’s referendum on the National Assembly’s powers.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Countdown to powers referendum

The countdown continues to the referendum on further powers for the National Assembly.

Royal wedding alternative option at Machynlleth, Wales

A Welsh cultural group set up an alternative event for those who want to avoid The Royal Wedding on 29 April 2011.

Friday, February 18, 2011

House Votes to Defund 'ObamaCare' in Burst of Activity on Spending Bill

The House is set to vote Friday on a controversial proposal to end Pentagon sponsorship of a NASCAR team that was introduced by a Democrat seeking to give Republicans another target for slashing wasteful spending.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

" If Obama Won't Lead, We Will " - Political Hotsheet - CBS News ""
House Speaker Takes Aim at Obama's Budget in Interview, Says He Has `Real Doubts` About the Possibility for Agreement Read more by Lucy Madison on CBS News' Political Hotsheet.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ronald Reagan 40th President of the United States....legacy!

       A few days ago people celebrated, looked back, remembered. F-18s from the USS Ronald Reagan flew over head. It would have been Ronald Reagan 100th birthday. It seems like yesterday people were saying do you really think a former actor can run this country? Is he not too old to run this country? Can we trust a man like him to handle both domestic and international relations? Time would tell and what a story it would tell. People are still talking in the second decade of the twenty first century.
         Seems like the name Reagan resounds in talk all over the political field these days. For someone that grew up in a time when it seemed walls were being built to protect ideologies, and  people from their own country. We lived in fear of an Atom Bomb War and then Vietnam broke the back of every boy that played army after WWII because war was hell and our friends were not coming home. We lived in a time when we needed leadership and  the man called Reagan filled the shoes that for so long went not worn, but polished.  I think Sean Wilentz historian and author of "The Age of Reagan." got it right when he has stated that "Reagan was the most important political figure of the last thirty years." He points out that over time there had been but few in America political history that stood out as leading figures. He wrote " they include Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt -and Ronald Reagan." In talking about Reagan Wilentz states, and I agree, "Given when he came into office, where America had been and where America had gone, there is no more imposing political legacy."  I still hear his powerful words at the Berlin Wall to the leaders of Russia to "tear down this wall."  What he did as president is still being  looked at with respect and wonder. President Obama even states his own careful respect when he said "No matter what political disagreements you may have had, and I certainly had my share, there is no denying his leadership in the world, or his gift of communicating his vision of America." Something I think Obama and many others lack today!
     Many look for that special something Reagan had and I feel and that was a respect for the people and the ability to get this nation going again on a track of less government and more pride and a respect for the office under the Constitution of the United States.....when he said "God Bless America" you believed it was so!

Sunday, February 6, 2011

WORK is underway to repair the historic site where Owain Glyndwr was proclaimed the Prince of Wales, which is at risk of collapse.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Bikers Escort Denair Boy To School

This could make you cry-Stand for what you believe!
Carrying American flags on their rumbling motorcycles, a group of bikers escorted a Denair boy to school Monday after a controversy involving a flag on his bike.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Homecoming Wales! Plaid will bring the World to Wales

   Homecoming Wales! Plaid will bring the world to Wales                                   
  Plaid Cymru                               
  • A year of activity to open Wales to the world

    Plaid Cymru will create a 'Homecoming Year for Wales' as part of its ambitious proposals for the future of Wales' tourism and culture. The proposals will include a full year of activity, currently earmarked for 2015, which will promote Wales as a destination for tourism and culture aiming t...o have major economic benefits for a range of industries in Wales.

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Did your Border Collie go to school or was it just born smart?

    I thought I would get off politics for a post or two because I fear Obama calling me to ask for a break! Well you might think I am going to the dogs for this post but if so a very intelligent one! I try to make my posts interesting to my American as well as my Welsh friends on line so what better than this story!?!  I was reading through the News & Observer a largely Democratic rag here in Durham, N.C. usually filled with pages of basketball and little else! Well we are in the triangle with...Wake Forest, UNC, Duke, North Carolina State and more in the area. But looking to Science & Technology (As Outlined by Obama  we as Americans fall short in)  pages last Sunday I saw something close to my heart Border Collies!
Why? Well my cousin in Wales was Marion Jones national and international champion with Border Collies from nr Ruthin, North Wales. My Welsh friends may remember him as he did the very first "One Man and His Dog." program on BBC! He was famous as well for being able to run seven dogs at the same time! One of my other cousins judges and does dogs as well! I used to sell border collie statues. One time I fell in love with a Border Collie puppy that was walked by my Welsh shop at a fair by a young lady! I asked is it a Welsh Border collie? No she said it is Scottish!!! I asked with interest if she had papers.  Yes I will get them for you from my Mom. Back she came. The papers to my amusement showed that the dogs family came from a farm in Wales quite near relations! The dog was also looking for a new home. I asked how much because it was so hard to give her up!!! $500 was the price and I did not have it! When I got home I called relations and they knew the dog and the owner...come to find out the dog was worth at least $1400+ as it was bread from a champion! You might think of that saying " My Border Collie is smarter than your Honor Student." Well this one out smarted me! O by the way as a LOL I wanted a border collied to herd in my customers! Ha! On that "cheap bark,"  I will get on with the story from the paper!
          The  article was about "Chaser," a border collie from South Carolina (USA) that has learned over 1000 proper nouns! (see Google for more stories and videos on Chaser. Also Chaser will do scienceNow show for Nova 8PM Feb. 9th on PBS)  Well the article rightly stated that Border Collies are the smartest dogs and bread to go all day herding sheep. But more than 1,000 nouns? I had taught school for 7th to High school and most of my students did not have that kind of smarts! LOL! Well John Pilley eighty two year old retired psychologist and Prof. wanted to see if he could beat another German owner who had a dog of two hundred words to his canine mind! Since 04 he has been daily working with the dog 4-5 hours a day doing repetitive words till the dog learned the word of the day! In a matter of three years the vocabulary understood by Chaser was 800 different cloth animals 116 Balls, twenty six Frisbees and many plastic items. Now I am sure that my students could not do this as they barked at reading a chapter a night in their History books! Well at 1,000 words Pilley the article says switched to grammar with the dog! Something from reading test papers from students is something even hard for them to chew on! So on it was to fetching the ball, nosing the ball, pawing the ball and more! He even learned to fetch a new sounding animal from among her old known toys without being told to look it up in the dictionary....sorry I was a teacher ya know! Lol. This is quite a dog!.
        Wonder if they could teach the dog sign language too because I observed my cousins dogs moving to hand commands! I always admire animals that could master another language be it a human or a dog! I wondered if these dogs of my cousin's could take hand commands from me who spoke only American? Well I found out very young at 14 when the dogs raced to save me from a charging bull. (silly city boy on his first real Welsh Farm.) Years later at late in my twenties the dogs taught me something I did not learn in seminary. They taught me the real story of the The Good Shepherd. How you say? Well I thought that sheep were driven, but I observed that as a shepherd it worked better to "walk among the sheep" and let the dogs run behind and around with the sheep. I wonder how Chaser would stand up to my cousins dogs with all the LLs and CHs etc. O did I not tell you that my cousins dogs were smarter than me as they only took their commands in WELSH! LOL Could Chaser learn a 1,000 plus proper nouns in Welsh....I am willing to put money on that canine learning! Hurry up people in Wales learn your Welsh or your Border Collies may be smarter than you!!! LOL No offence intended, but what is it with kids in Wales that Can speak Welsh but do not find it fashionable? I would give anything if my Taid had taught me Welsh now this old dog who has had, Latin, Spanish, German, Ancient Greek and Hebrew courses has a hard time getting Welsh past his tongue! LOL He could have even given Me a Welsh speaking Border Collie (hint, Hint people) I could have learned from him!.............Better get to bed as my somewhat intelligent White German Shepherd is looking at me saying......."What am I chopped liver? I taught you to go to the door and let me out, fill my water dish, feed me, pet me, talk to me and I did this in less than a year!" LOL-

Neil Degrasse Tyson introduces you to one amazing K-9.

Obviously not Border Collie but funny!
This silly barnyard play date looks an awful lot like a furry version of hide and seek.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

President Obama's State of the Union Speach-All talk? Pep rally? Or?

      Well we heard from the President on the "State of the Union." last night and today people are having their say including me! I suggest that you also read the clips I have provided following this opinion. ABC usually does a good job on seeing just how accurate the speech is in terms of figures etc. 
        Well the President is quite the speaker and this time to a confused seating pattern wearing white and black ribbons with respect to gunned down fellow Congress Woman. Something I liked. The speech began with the power of his last speech in Arizona. A good move for Obama and it got the crowd going for what usually is a President's time of the year for a Pep Rally! Many people are saying today that it reminded them of good old Ronald Reagan. That is fine with me! But right from the start I thought that he would follow up on the shooting saying something about gun control, mental health etc.!
           Some things in the speech did delight me but others did not! On the plus side he was clever with humor to take down the governments subsidy on the oil industry....but will that cost us at the pump? How about Obama taking on the amount of profits they make! This is something I would also like to see on Health care companies and drug companies!!! He rightly attacked the wealthy and their tax contributions! I wondered about the cuts in the military...the faces of the Join Chiefs of Staff did not look too happy! He rightly also put education before the people for us as the key element of the whole speech to be more competitive on the World view of science and technology. But I was not amused with the "Sputnik"   catch up for the nation. (-especilly when he just killed NASA's manned space program!) I lived through those days and people felt we were in trouble! But is this nation in trouble that is a theme that ran through both the Presidents speech and the GOP take on the speech. If we are in trouble I wonder if a move to be more competitive will COST THIS NATION MORE and up the debt even more? Building infrastructure and war at same time? His examples of nations in trouble including Britain were Socialist nations or was that a clever move on his part to be more like the so called modern nations of Europe? I had to laugh at his stating that we should keep the clever children of immigrants in this country....Is he a president that really was born in this nation???
       One of the good things I thought and I wonder what his fellow Democrats think about it is that he will not sign into law any bill that has earmarks in it! I am confused? Does that mean that he has taken on himself as President to do line item veto? We will see if he holds to this pledge!!!
         Interesting enough the President was championing this nation and saying that we have a great nation and Constitution! Wonder if he actually has read it and understands the defined role of President, Congress, and Supreme Court. It might be noted that the cameras did not pan the Supreme Court last night to see their faces especially when he mentioned the Constitution.
          In all I see the speech increasing debt  and government where I would like to see government rolled back to what our founding fathers saw it. One that is limited as being of the people, for the people and by the people. I do not feel that this has been the case for the last few years at all. What we feel had no bearing on the Health Care reform and it has seemed that the Democratic care less about the people was heard in the last election! Even the President of late has referred to his taking it in the polls! More competitive, but what about costs! "He tried to cast this more-of-the-same into a call to national greatness." (Charles Krauthammer: Washington Post Group.) He wants to change the very American social contract to a new foundation, but was that foundation found to have cracks according to the last election? In the end I wondered what the State of the Union really is and is to be?
Atop President Obama's list of targets for a proposed overhaul of federal bureaucracy is the trio of agencies that has a hand in regulating the country's salmon catch.
Rep. Michele Bachmann spoke to Tea Party Express activists Tuesday night. Her speech was a lot tougher than the official GOP response to the State of the Union address, yet there were some similarities to Obama's speech.

ABC News takes a look at some of the claims in President Obama's State of the Union address Tuesday and separates facts from fiction.

NEW CARTOON ! ! "Obama's New Strategy"

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‎"We're going to have to out-educate other countries," President Obama urged this week. How? By out-spending them, of course! It's the same old quack cure for America's fat and failing government-run schools monopoly. The one-trick ponies at the White House call their academic improvement agenda "tar

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Pre-State of the Union Message-Funny!

                                                                         The Fast Fix
Chris Cillizza is your man in Washington, breaking down the political news of the day -- 60 seconds at a time.

Monday, January 24, 2011

Dydd Santes Dwynwen-meaning 'Day of Saint Dwynwen' in Welsh

 Dydd Santes Dwynwen, literally meaning 'Day of Saint Dwynwen' in Welsh, is considered to be the Welsh equivalent to Valentine's Day and is celebrated on 25 January every year. It celebrates Dwynwen, the Welsh Saint of love. 25 January is the feast day of Saint Dwynwen

Friday, January 14, 2011

Opinions, Opinions, and more Opinions!

      People I am sorry for not blogging much lately, but been busy reading and hearing every one giving their Opinion on everything!
      One wonders who one should listen to? In the USA it is one opinion after another and conservative vs liberal, media gone wild, attacks on Politicians etc. I have not wanted to give my opinion for fear someone would get shot and I would be to blame as out of the park that that sounds, but has been used in the press! If you know me I am conservative. Now be careful as that Word means one thing in Britain and another in USA! Being branded a conservative lately gets you boxed into a hole that I feel is not big enough for my Opinions! I would surprise people if I told you yes I am a Republican, but I vote for the PERSON not the party and was glad when Ct. got rid of the party lever! I only wish that we could vote for a representative that does just that "represents the people" of  whom elected them. That is not the case is it? You would think that our representatives would be bound by the very Constitution that created their body of government, but that is a question as well! I for one think the Constitution is a document that speaks! It limits and opens the most important opinions in this democracy. It so defines  the very nature of our social contract. In the last few days Obama made this clear that we should act in the expectation of government that was in the heart of a 9 year old girl killed in Ar. shooting ! Do we really act in the very nature of our founding fathers? Constitutionalism is a cry for a political philosophy that reforms! It is self regulating and calls (unlike the Dem. view of government) for a minimization of government !  A conservative view, if you like, of government.
      I have given my opinion of late on Face Book! That can spark a flood of either more opinions or a insult of  hate! I have been well noted in my opinion of Obama! I feel that his actions have gone out of center when it comes to the Constitution! If anything some of his actions have bridged on  what representation means! He bowed to the Emperor of Japan! Some people say that that was respect, but NO president has ever bowed to a foreign leader! The President represents us! Therefore he bowed us to this Emperor! This was an insult to this nation! It was also an insult to the many men and women that fought in the Pacific during WWII. But sometimes public opinion has changed him as well! He was asked why he did not wear a flag on his lapel   ...his reply was that for him it represented a "substitute for true patriotism." This retreated as he returned to wearing it and still does! As our representative he excepted the Nobel Peace Prize for What? That even amazed his own staff and at this years Peace Prize was the wonderment of BBC commentators as well!!! Well I will note that this conservative was pleased with the words of Obama at Ar. in the wake of the shooting there. He refrained from making it political, but placed it back on the people both sacrificed or wounded or even on us who are their brothers and sisters! It made me think of another good auditor from Ill.  that came to Gettysburg saying "it is for us the living" that should be "dedicated."....we should live in the expectation of government that was in the heart of  a nine year old. Jesus too reflected this in saying that children have words of wisdom. Adults need to these days be humbled not reflecting the spirit of hate in their opinions. Again I have heard this in both the American and British Press. I gave my opinions this week saying that the shooting in Ar. was not political and I have often given my opinion on other things and for it I had one individual from North Wales now living in the USA insult me by saying that I am not a Christian, ashamed that I am or pretending to be Welsh, a name dropper (mind you if I drop a name I know that person) So opinion gets you hate rather than the calm reaction of dialogue.
     Interesting enough it is my opinion that that British ( even Welsh included here)   can not get enough of Obama and Democratic so called reform. Must be nice to comment on that which you do not have to live under! I too have opinions of their bowing to Socialism, but I do understand it in their history. I just wish they would not stoop to bowing to the Leaders of Venezuela and Cuba and not see the other hand that advocate dictatorship and terror. I wonder at people even in Wales that do this when they are oppressed by a government in England. They should talk to my Cuban friends that risked leaving Cuba by boat in the light of political troubles. I sometimes wonder at a British Press that is critical of our political fighting when I look at the coverage of MP's in Parliament that act like school boys on the playground. I wonder at Welsh Politics  and voting that Welsh People can't stop fighting among themselves and have to campaign for a YES vote when it is so obvious to me that it is good for Wales and good for independence. I wonder at Welsh people that are critical of me thinking Plaid has the hopes of Wales in it's heart, and critical because I feel Socialism is a "FAILED" political means for a government in a modern world. Please note people that jump to conclusions in Wales! I do believe in Health reform in this country, but not in the Health reform of late voted in by Democratic government. First of all again it does not represent the opinion or the people or respect of the Constitution. It gives money to big heath care companies, advocates Dr's in life ending statements and abortion, it does nothing for the older generation in need of reform in the area of affording medications etc. It seems like people in my country and in Britain have latched on to the good parts of present health care reform for Children etc. but have they read it all or seen the needs that are not addressed....have people in the USA? I had to wait two months for the government to approve my medications! Good thing they were not life threatening! Just my opinion!
       Opinions Opinions! I will not here advocate the Presidential hope of Sara Palin if it comes about or not. I feel that both in the USA and British Political arena (funny as that is what as it has become a spectators sport) and media she has been crucified and buried without any expectation of being able to rise from this at all. (Please excuse me from religious images here, but I think in those terms not putting any god like image on Sara!) She has attempted to say she was sorry if people got the wrong ideas, but I am proud of her not bowing down to pressure. Come on people every Political figure "targets," their opponent in some way and that goes for both British and American Politics! British and Welsh should pull the log out of their own eyes in light of their fighting and not acting as one nation or two as I would like to see it! I would be critical of you as well allowing Hitler like groups to form in your country. But that might.... might verge on the very problem. The avocation of our Amendment that calls for the "freedom of Speech," In both our countries this freedom has both good and bad aspects. It fosters opinion for debate but it also allows at the other end Hate! In the last few days Sara Palin (who seems like she can not catch a break!) is having a new wave of opinion that feels she can never rise to the presidency because of opinions of her words! In all the confusion words of opinion do mean different things! She used "blood Libel," which has raised it's anti Jewish connotations rather than modern English usage of  meaning "someone being falsely accused."  Words of Opinion have different meaning and freedom of speech often hurts and gets people hot under the collar, but I still believe in people that the shooting in Ar.. was not Political, but the confused mind of a mentally deranged person (not that of a right wing or leftist person.) Oddly enough words do mean or are mean! We should all take a look at our words before we speak and see what they could mean! I wish that both the American and British press would themselves take on the word Welsh! It is used to refer to going back on a deal  (as was used by Obama during the rise to be President) or "Welshing" on that deal. This word has been widely used,  people refer to it all the time in Hollywood,  TV and in Political arena, but you rarely hear the very silent Welsh say anything about it. If it was "jewing" or "niggering." on a deal it would be widely taken down.. I wonder how many people know that Welsh is an English word meaning Foreign? That is odd as we as Celts were in that country long before the English! Wow words do have different meanings!
      So I have talked about opinions here. I wish that the British and American press, political officers and general people would remember to live up to the expectations and hopes we were filled with as children before we entered the abusive and often confusing world reality of adulthood. Please be calm and discuss rather than point fingers at people and that is it. Respect opinions even if you think them wrong.( I am guilty of this as well!!!)  Please let us remember an Indian saying in this country "you can not hit the target with an arrow if you do not aim at that target!" O my am I advocating aiming an arrow at someone? No I am saying that we should have a vision of what our words and opinions are for, what they can do and how they can harm the very peace that I hope is inside all of us or is that a child like dream?!

The House of Representatives will begin debate today on the contentious two-page health care repeal bill spearheaded by the Republican leadership, after a week-long hiatus following the shooting of Arizona Rep. Gabrielle Giffords.

It might be noted in an article by George Will of the Washington Post: "Two years into Barack Obama's presidency, we now know what he meant about 'hope' and 'change'-he and other progressives hope to change our national character. Three weeks into his presidency, Newsweek, unhinged by adoration of him and allowing it's wishes to father its thoughts, announced that 'we are all socialists now' and that America 'is moving toward a modern European state.'
     The electorate emphatically disagreed and created the 112th Congress, with its exceptionally important agenda." i.e putting back the Constitutional structure of the government given by our founding fathers!"