"Cenedl heb iaith, cenedl heb galon"-"A nation without a language is a nation without a heart" Welsh Proverb

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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Ronald Reagan 40th President of the United States....legacy!

       A few days ago people celebrated, looked back, remembered. F-18s from the USS Ronald Reagan flew over head. It would have been Ronald Reagan 100th birthday. It seems like yesterday people were saying do you really think a former actor can run this country? Is he not too old to run this country? Can we trust a man like him to handle both domestic and international relations? Time would tell and what a story it would tell. People are still talking in the second decade of the twenty first century.
         Seems like the name Reagan resounds in talk all over the political field these days. For someone that grew up in a time when it seemed walls were being built to protect ideologies, and  people from their own country. We lived in fear of an Atom Bomb War and then Vietnam broke the back of every boy that played army after WWII because war was hell and our friends were not coming home. We lived in a time when we needed leadership and  the man called Reagan filled the shoes that for so long went not worn, but polished.  I think Sean Wilentz historian and author of "The Age of Reagan." got it right when he has stated that "Reagan was the most important political figure of the last thirty years." He points out that over time there had been but few in America political history that stood out as leading figures. He wrote " they include Thomas Jefferson, Andrew Jackson, Abraham Lincoln, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin D. Roosevelt -and Ronald Reagan." In talking about Reagan Wilentz states, and I agree, "Given when he came into office, where America had been and where America had gone, there is no more imposing political legacy."  I still hear his powerful words at the Berlin Wall to the leaders of Russia to "tear down this wall."  What he did as president is still being  looked at with respect and wonder. President Obama even states his own careful respect when he said "No matter what political disagreements you may have had, and I certainly had my share, there is no denying his leadership in the world, or his gift of communicating his vision of America." Something I think Obama and many others lack today!
     Many look for that special something Reagan had and I feel and that was a respect for the people and the ability to get this nation going again on a track of less government and more pride and a respect for the office under the Constitution of the United States.....when he said "God Bless America" you believed it was so!

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