"Cenedl heb iaith, cenedl heb galon"-"A nation without a language is a nation without a heart" Welsh Proverb

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Wednesday, October 3, 2012

     Well tonite is the first Presidential debate. It will be the fist time that Romney and Obama debate live. To me it is the fist time that Obama can not hide behind his misleading ads to avoid his dismal economic situation over the last four years.
      Obama attacked on Romney taxes and the IRS showed that yes he did pay more than people making $50,000! The question is should we judge a person running for the White House on a level that is higher than what we do. I do not now one person that will try to lower his/her taxes by using reductions and loop holes. How many people that are rich would not place money in off shore accounts. On top of going at Romney for being rich which he earned why is it that no one looks at how rich Obama, Reid and Pelosi  are and what they do with their money.
       I predicted by this blog religion is playing again in the political arena! Black Ministers and Churches Association have asked their members not to vote for Obama because of his stance on marriage! Catholics are upset with position on contraceptives and today actually saying Catholic policy is actually just the opinion of the Pope! Questions have arisen again about Obamas relationship with his radical minister's positions. Obama people have called to tell Christian's not to vote for a Mormon as he is not Christian. This either is a lack of knowledge by those followers or they are playing on Christians not understanding Mormonism.
        Age old questions also arise. The vote just because you are a Republican or Democratic! I have heard again the age old saying "I have voted Democratic all my life and so did my parents." Why should I change? That is an interesting thought when the parties have changed over the years. Democrats were the party of the south advocating KKK and slavery, but now the party of the blacks. Racism is a common word around these days. It seems that anyone that opposes Obama is a racist. In some ways the meaning of the word has gone! Blacks will vote for Obama because he is black, just like republicans will vote republican because that is what we have always done. One wonders where the free thinking people have gone? Just like religion many go to the polls leaving their brains behind. They have fooled the liberal press and overlook things like the "Fast and Furious" that gave guns to drug lords. They overlook that it states on Obama's birth certificate that he was "Afro-American" in 1961 yet the term was not coined till the late 60s or early 70's. Strange is it not?
        My position is this it is not a Black or White situation the color of a mans skin is not the situation. It is not a Christian Muslim or Mormon question. It is who best can lead this country in the next four years. We have seen what Obama has done or not done and have seen that it has failed this country. I do not feel that he has brought change and there still is many questions about his Marxist and Socialist ideas, his background, His bowing to foreign heads of state etc. This evening we will see what is presented.  Will update this blog after the debate! Thanks!

Update: Romney won the debate hands down!

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