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Monday, February 27, 2012

Power of the Presidency! Ruler or Branch of Government!

     If you have been following the Republican run for the Presidency, talk of religion or actions by Obama in and outside the USA you might think back to your grade school History class and the checks and balances of power. That is the Administrative Branch, the Congressional Branch and the Judicial Branch. The question is have these branches evolved into different branches than the Founding Fathers intended or that the Constitution laid out.
      It might be noted that in the 1800's many people were suggested for a run for the Presidency, but declined as they felt that being a member of the House or Senate carried more power and fame than being President. That certainly is not the way it is today where being in the House or the Senate is seen as a stepping stone for the position toward a presidential run. Because of the easy of traveling both outside the USA and between states the Presidents role has changed in that he often REPRESENTS the nation in actions and dealings with other nations. Recently Obama made appointments and went around the Congress. This has been done throughout history, but wait a moment. In the early days of this country Article II of the Constitution provided the ability of the President to appoint while Congress was on recess and this was done out of need not to call back congress when they were off for some six to nine months. Today though that note is a bit blurred by politics and moving for political gain. Many say that this comes from the presidents moving toward being ruler. One must be reminded here that Washington refused to be King of the USA.
        Yes I am hinting here that the Presidency we see today often goes around Congress and overlooks the Constitution. I feel that unilateral actions by the President slashes to the very heart of the governing system and tips the very balance of power in the USA. The question here of declaring war comes to mind.  We were founded as a country that refused to have a ruler but we are coming close to that when the president does everything to go around the Constitution. That point was made clear in the move by the President and Government to make contraception available when it crossed religious lines. This is wrong and not the governments responsibility or ability. ( As a side point here people often are wrong when it comes to separation of Church and State. If one reads what the Constitution states about this is that the we have a freedom of religion but in saying that no religion nor any form of the government shall not prohibit each other. In other words religion can not go over government and government can not inhibit religion. Atheists in this country have read it to mean no religion in government happening. The Constitution does not say this. ) Another notion on this is that Obama recently said he was sorry for Koran burnings! Again he now represents a nation. Does the nation think this is wrong? Our flag is burned many times in protest and lives are lost....have the representatives of Iraq, Iran, Afghanistan said they are sorry? Another subject comes to mind over Obama's bowing to the Emperor of Japan. As said he represents a Nation and NO OTHER PRESIDENT HAS BOWED TO ANOTHER NATION OR HEAD OF STATE. Obama were is the apology due to the many American Veterans of WWII that this action insulted? In this thought of the Federal Government ruling from the Administrative branch I am also reminded of states rights that have been burred in the past few years and one wonders of the Federal Government getting involved in Arizona illegal immigration legislation.
          If you are going to be the parent or president representing the nation please remember that what you do represents all of us. Saying "I am sorry" is something we all learn as children, but for the president it has far reaching complications and implications. In a nutshell if you are in the Oval office and say you messed up you now give the world the view that the USA is weak and did wrong. One wonders if saying we are wrong is all that bad. Saying you are sorry is a two action venture. First you say you are sorry and the further action taken to prevent it from happening again. the latter is often forgotten even by Presidents. But in thinking this out as the Republican candidates point out is taking action to prevent such things as Korans being burned is that bowing to the Islamic Nations. How about Va. notion not to mention God in funerals of American veterans which is an insult!
          In taking on this opinion article I feel that the Presidency is much like being a have to be a jack of all trades, sometimes you can not win. But then again there is political gain in mind. If you think about it the true faith full and common sense interpretation of the American Constitution seems to always arise only when it is somewhat politically important. What comes to mind here is OBAMACARE. It sticks a feather in the Presidents hat and rallies those that do not understand it but is it crossing lines that are laid out by the Constitution. (To be clear  here  to my Welsh-liberal friends I am for Heath care, but not the type of health care now pressed on us) Some here are afraid of Socialism which could destroy our democratic way!
            The question raised here remains is the Presidency in it growing too powerful....does it have a responsibility to the Constitution?

P.S. In saying that the President has more powers than the Constitution gave it or it took on it seems to make one wonder why no seated President has said they were sorry for SLAVERY including our Black President at present!

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