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Monday, January 9, 2012

Are we fighting the same old questions in the 2012 Presidential election.

     Well 2012 is here and this is the year of a Presidential Election! It has come to my attention in articles in the paper, news on the T.V. and magazine stories that many things that people are concerned about have been a part of the election for the president for many years and some go back to the very beginning of our country. They are starting to come out during the debates for the Republican to face Obama in the fall.
       I am sure in this article that I will not be able to touch on all trends but I hope to touch on the major ones. The first that comes to mind is one that has touched upon for the last four years on the Obama administration. That topic is "States Rights." In many ways I feel the present administration has no regard for this and has taken on an increasing BIG BROTHER type of telling States what their rights are! This can be seen in Ar. with illegal immigrants measures and laws. Another is the right of the administration to demand a country wide medical plan.
        The second topic that I see an issue in the coming election is the Constitution itself. Many times during the present administration the Constitution has been a question. Is it Constitutional for the administration to put forth the present medical program? In  the last few days the Constitution has been on the news with Obama's appointments being made without consulting or getting approval from Congress. The question has come up in the last two administrations as the rights of the executive branch to declare war or go into combat with or without the permission of Congress. It can be brought in here as well Obama's question that he has left with us of his being born in the USA! The Constitution clearly states that the President must be born in the USA. This question has not been resolved in my OPINION. I feel that this issue is also present in our borrowing money from China. Is the Constitution involved here? If not it should be! The question is also wanting in thinking of Obama being a Socialist! Does this come into Constitutional restrictions or understanding or not? I feel a suttle question of the Constitution is also being elected to the position in Congress what does it mean to represent your area of the country. Does it mean that you attach to bills selfish lines that help only your elected area or benefit the USA in general. We see this all the time but the biggest example is the bridge to no-where in Alaska. The question of it right for Congress or the third part of the government the Superior Court to legislate moral issues such as Abortion, Marriage,  etc. The question of our freedom to have more parties that is clear in the Constitution is again to come up with pressures of the "Tea Party," "Moral Majority," liberal part and more. The question is will this third party actually make it into the mainstream of the American political field that will stick like the Democrats and Republicans.
        The third topic and maybe the largest topic is "Religion." This maybe more in my field with a M.Div degree, but I did have a undergrad degree in History /Political Science. It is surprising when you look at it that religion is still a question in our muti-faced political structure! We were founder on the notion of separation of Church and State. My take on this is yea separation of church and state, but that does not mean that the state has the right to restrict religion. This could be a problem when we look at Islam on the rise in the USA and Canada. Religious freedom in the USA is one of our strongest Constitutional rights or freedoms, but it has a negative side as it also allows for religions that force the rights of those that are members. (Islam, Oneness, etc.) One could argue if we are a Christian Nation when we allow others.... Is it Christian to restrict other religions. (mosque not far from 9/11 towers site in N.Y.)  Is it a religious question to support Israel in the Middle East? In this topic of religion and the Election of 2012 we are being asked what about a question of those who run and their religious background. the question is there for Obama as I can not clearly state here what his religion is! Romney is a Mormon. Does this cause a road block for conservative voters? Frankly I can not see how you can judge the ability of a president by his religious background. He/she can not get any weird doctrine of their religion through the government as that is what our program of checks and balances is for! I would rather see a moral man who has no religion than one that is religious but does not practice what he preaches!!! Did you know this religious question was present with the election of Abraham Lincoln? In this topic of religion is again the topics of abortion and same sex marriage I stated above. One might ask that if hospitals are told to regard abortion as policy or states that allow same sex marriage is that restricting or hurting religions by the state? Lately the question of marriage of strait men has been called into question! Relations with a woman that is not your wife! Funny how that did not bring out much of a outcry with Clinton. This question of religion is also seen for me when one looks at the economical situation of the last few years. What has happened to Christian morals or any religion in the USA with large companies, banks etc?
        In all the American Election in 2012 has many questions that are historical, religious, constitutional, moral and more. We are in hard times and the hope is that we have the vision for the USA as well as the World. Many are critical of the USA in our overseas policies, but what would they do with or without us? Many outside the USA support Obama, but they do not have to live under his administration and my question as we celebrate 150 years of our Civil War is the world in love with him because he is Black?....a soar spot in our American history! For me this administration is "Obamanable." a word I made up when I have seen the effects of his medical changes, seen him bow to the Emperor of Japan (No other President has bowed to a head of state of another country) This was an insult to this nation and to the millions that served in WWII! I feel that we need to elect a man/woman as president that has an understanding of this nation! any suggestions?

"Always vote for principle, though you may vote alone, and you may cherish the sweetest reflection that your vote is never lost."

John Quincy Adams (1767 – 1848)

 HHS's final monthly report on waivers from ObamaCare is not pretty. Roughly three percent of the population (four million people) have been exempted from ObamaCare with the vast majority of waivers granted to unions who gave the most money to Democrats. In the last six months more than 500,000 more union members got waivers with a fraction going to businesses. One in five of those businesses were in Nancy Pelosi's district! Passage over majority objection was bad enough. These waivers smell like kingly favors (or a Chicago ward-heeler's payoffs). It's dirty, unacceptable and reason enough (there are many others) to force repeal and defeat the offenders.
     "Public opinion: May it always perform one of its appropriate offices, by teaching the public functionaries of the State and of the Federal Government, that neither shall assume the exercise of powers entrusted by the Constitution to the other."
James Knox Polk (1845–1849)
CONCORD, N.H. (AP) -- Mitt Romney jumped ahead in early returns from the New Hampshire primary Tuesday night, eager to add to the previous week's first-place finish in the Iowa caucuses and cement himself as the man to beat for the Republican presidential nomination.

Religious questions in Northern Ireland as well!
The battle for the soul of modern Ireland
The event here was to focus on veterans and patriotism, but one woman who came to see Mitt Romney this evening wanted to ask him a personal question, she said. “Do you believe in the divine saving grace of Jesus Christ?” Murmurs went through the packed room, before Romney, a Mormon, responded: “Yes ...
· · 21 seconds ago via the BBC website

Perry 'to quit' White House race

Texas Governor Rick Perry is withdrawing from the Republican presidential race, days before the southern state of South Carolina holds its primary, US media report...

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