"Cenedl heb iaith, cenedl heb galon"-"A nation without a language is a nation without a heart" Welsh Proverb

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Monday, November 8, 2010

Mrs.Windsor yes the queen has joined Face Book!

     My laugh for the day is that Mrs. Windsor has joined Face Book! Kind of makes me want to post my first blog message on another day! My first posting after I saw this was: "There goes the neighborhood! She is not going to be my Neighbor on farmville!" I got some very funny replies as well.....O my she must have nothing to do! Not many want to be her Neighbor!...Checking up on the Grandsons are we! Well can you guess I am a Welsh Nationalist in my thinking! From time to time I will poke fun at the Germans that rule Britain. To some it might be sad to others fair play when they act as they do!

      At my home post office in North Haven, Ct. USA they wanted me to write United Kingdom on my letters to Wales! My reply was NO...there is nothing united about Britain at all! They were worried about my letters not getting there if I did not! I asked if they knew were Wales was. You guessed it ...not a clue! I sent the letters marked CYMRU/Wales. They got there!!! Wonders of wonders, but then again Robin H. Bowen the Triple Harpist of note sent me a letter all in Welsh even United came to me quicker than most! O I might as Well tell you about my adventures with United Parcel Service which in the USA is fairly good at delivery etc.,  but in Britain it is run by the English so you can guess what goes on! I had a package that did not come so I traced it to Manchester, England and the hub of the service in Britain. I spoke with the man and he said that they do not make pick ups that far out in Wales! "What" I said! "You advertise World wide service!" "Yes he said but not in rural Wales" I said."I have had parcels picked up three miles down the road further into Wales." His reply was typical of English ways! "b..Hell I tell you we do not pick up there." I asked him another question if I may! "Yes but I am busy" I asked in a very serious voice "sir are you aware of the Sons of Owain Glyndwr? He hung up on me....but the parcel was picked up the next morning at 8AM! And one wonders why the Welsh are so in thinking about the English! Well my friend here is ready to defend the border....they will never see him coming! LOL!!!

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