"Cenedl heb iaith, cenedl heb galon"-"A nation without a language is a nation without a heart" Welsh Proverb

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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Europe makes deal to bail the Irish out!

     As Eamon Ryan communications minister announces today that deal to bail out fellow Celts in Ireland one wonders who will be next. It seems it was yesterday that the news was full of the booming economy for Ireland with computer age, but like the USA that did not have a lasting effect on the Economy. The  deal for the Irish will give them $115 Billion and interest rate of about 5.2%.
     This deal has taken some days and the concerns seemed to be caution as the figures had to be ones that Ireland could pay back and  added comment by a minister Dempsey "It's more important to get it right than to get it quick" As an American I wish the Obama government would think this way rather than hurt future generations with debt! Also "Obama care" was more a decision to give Obama a win quick rather than get it right. He needed to hear what the people wanted rather than a broken program to get a victory! My wonder is that in the Irish deal before European Ministers in Brussels involves Britain who has given out austerity plans recently to it's own people. It might though present a good feeling between Ireland and Britain.

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